10 - 14 june 2024

Convento Festival

Our vision is to gather as a tribe, embracing the deep sense of belonging which resides in each of us. We will inhabit an ancient and sacred space: Il Convento and spend a few days together, in the midst of the wild hills of northern Tuscany, nestled between the majestic Apuan Alps and the serene Mediterranean sea. Our intention is to gather in humbleness and respect for both nature and one other, embarking on a shared journey to co-create a sanctuary of love, attentive listening, and profound transformation.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Welcome to our holistic festival at the Convent Retreat Center, from June 10th to June 14th, 2024! It's a unique experience that blends mind, body, and spirit through a variety of workshops, including yoga, meditation, music, contemporary dance, bodywork, breathwork, and other activities designed to enrich your embodied human experience on this planet. Join us in this adventure and connect with your essence sharing a journey of personal growth.

We await you with open hearts and minds, ready to explore your potential!



We are not aiming to organize just another healing festival. 

There is much more behind it.


We find ourselves in a truly special position to utilize our parents' lifelong project as a venue. Our awareness of the immeasurable value of this infrastructure grows with every year that passes. However, the treasure lies in our ability to extend this gift to our friends. And the birth of the festival is only the first of many steps in this direction.

For us, this festival marks the next chapter in opening up our space to a wider circle of friends and possibly igniting your curiosity about forming a more enduring connection with it.


Over the past few years, we've been lucky to cross paths with countless interesting humans who are happily sharing their unique gifts with the world. These teachers, healers and role models are supporting us wholeheartedly in the development of this festival.


So we have the location, the motivation, and the friends to hold space. This forms the fertile soil where we sow the seeds, giving rise to the birth of the Convento Festival.


Now is the time to come together in this profoundly powerful and sacred place, to drop out of the folly of societal norms, and become pioneers of a fresh way of life. We aspire to change our perception about time, surrendering ourselves to the eternal present moment and naturally aligning with the rhythm of nature. 

It wants to be a time to ask life’s profound questions while also embracing our shared, humourous humanity. A festival that harmoniously blends the sacred and the profane. With room for both lightheartedness and the pure joy of play, as well as opportunities for profound healing, soulful connections, and heart opening experiences.

 For pleasure and for humility, for intimate meditation and screaming dance. An opportunity to meet old friends and to find new ones. Aren’t the new ones maybe anyway old friends from past lives??

It is gonna be unforgettable, we can feel it in the very tips of our toes and in the warm depths of our hearts. …Can you feel it as well??

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